Electric Bird Noise Celebrates Release of New Record: Live at The Basement



Electric Bird Noise with Claudia Gregory, Peter Nine, Clang Quartet, and Remora

Celebrating the release of Live at The Basement, Electric Bird Noise performs with special guests Claudia Gregory, Peter Nine, Clang Quartet, and Remora on Saturday, June 9, 2012 at Fresh Brewed Coffee House. Electric Bird Noise invites you to be a part of the concert and the final recording of Live at The Basement by bringing a musical instrument or noisemaker, preferably an acoustic instrument, pots and pans, anything that makes noise. Remember to bring amplification if it’s electric. Using your instrument or noisemaker, you’ll be assigned a note and a strict rhythm. So, you contribute by playing one note and one rhythm for at least 15 minutes, and Electric Bird Noise is going to record it.


Since 1997, Brian Lea McKenzie’s Electric Bird Noise has been primarily driven by McKenzie’s guitar. Doing everything from darkwave to ambient noise with a backing band made up of lights and a ton of smoke and sometimes a loop pedal or a drum machine, Electric Bird Noise solidifies a spot as one of the south’s favorite post rock party one man acts.

In late 2009, McKenzie felt his live shows were getting less fulfilling as a performer, and he decided to do a series of concerts featuring local friends and family at a Myrtle Beach bar. With various themes in mind like an army of acoustic guitars or a choir of voices or asking several local experimental bands to perform simultaneously, the result of these orchestrated improvisations is the new record: Live at The Basement. A free download of Live at The Basement is available here.


Fresh Brewed Coffee House is located at 933 Broadway Street in the heart of downtown Myrtle Beach. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. for the show, and admission is $5.