The Moveable Feast: October 2015 Literary Luncheons

Since 1998, The Moveable Feast features an established or debuting author. This series of literary luncheons takes place every Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at a variety of Grand Strand restaurants. For each feast, the chef prepares an exquisite menu, typically unavailable during the restaurant’s public hours. Founded and managed by CLASSThe Moveable Feast showcases authors selected by Litchfield Books.

Here are The Moveable Feast October 2015 Luncheons:

Jacob Jump

Jacob Jump by Eric Morris

Friday, October 2, 2015 at Sea View Inn

This dark and meticulously crafted first novel follows a weeklong ill-fated boating trip down the Savannah River from Augusta, Georgia, to the lighthouse at Tybee Island. Chance and danger trump planning and intention at every turn, and the pull of the historic river and of fate itself propels Morris’s characters with unrelenting force. Guided by a host of influences from William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway to Cormac McCarthy, James Dickey and Ron Rash, Morris’s prose brings readers deep into the uncertainties of a still-wild Southern landscape and of the frailties of the human heart yearning for past and future alike while pulled along by the inescapable current of the present.


State of the Heart

State of the Heart: South Carolina Writers on the Places They Love, Vol. 2 by Josephine Humphreys and Aïda Rogers, ed.

Friday, October 9, 2015 at Surf, Beach & Golf Club, North Myrtle Beach

South Carolina is a state of inspiration as well as recreation. Through its natural beauty, storied heritage and curious character, the Palmetto State finds its way into the hearts and imaginations of every native, resident and guest to set foot on its 32,000 square miles of soil. Continuing the format of the popular original, this second volume celebrates and commemorates the connections that the accomplished contributors have found in the well-known and far-flung locations most dear to them. With companionable charm and storytellers’ spirits, editor Aïda Rogers and the 38 contributors (e.g., Josephine Humphreys) invite you to amble across South Carolina with them for a chance to see the state as they have come to know it.

Wicked Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand

Wicked Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand by Becky Billingsley

TUESDAY, October 13, 2015 at Kimbel’s, Wachesaw

The Grand Strand has a long tradition of hardworking independence and the enthusiastic pursuit of leisure activities. Myrtle Beach is known as a hotbed of hearty partiers, and its chronicles include bordellos, bootleggers, rumrunners, gamblers and a variety of indulgent practices. From Civil War deserters to the excesses of the disco era, the area has a wicked streak running parallel to its beaches. Join local author and historian Becky Billingsley as she uncovers the naughty side of the Grand Strand.


Pretending to Dance

Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain

Friday, October 16, 2015 at Pine Lakes Country Club

Molly Arnette is good at keeping secrets. As she and her husband try to adopt a baby, she worries that the truth she’s kept hidden about her North Carolina childhood will rise to the surface and destroy not only her chance at adoption, but her marriage as well. Molly ran away from her family twenty years ago after a shocking event left her devastated and distrustful of those she loved. Now, as she tries to find a way to make peace with her past and embrace a healthy future, she discovers that even she doesn’t know the truth of what happened in her family of pretenders.

As Night Falls

As Night Falls by Jenny Milchman

Friday, October 23, 2015 at Ocean One

Sandy Tremont has always tried to give her family everything. But, as the sky darkens over the Adirondacks and a heavy snowfall looms, an escaped murderer with the power to take it all away draws close. In her isolated home in the shadowy woods, her 15-year-old daughter Ivy is upstairs with every reason to be angry tonight – keeping her distance from her mother. Husband Ben, a wilderness guide, arrives late to find a home simmering with unease. Nearby, two desperate men on the run make their way through the fading light, bloodstained and determined to leave no loose ends or witnesses. After almost 20 years as prison cellmates, they have become a deadly team: Harlan the muscle, Nick the mind and will. Opening the door of the Tremonts, Nick brings not only a legacy of terror but a secret that threatens to drag Sandy with him into the darkness.


Georgetowns North Island

Voyagers of the Gray Dawn: Finding Henry by Paul Grimshaw and

Georgetown’s North Island, A History by Robert “Mac” McAlister

Friday, October 30, 2015 at Prestwick Country Club, Surfside Beach

Grimshaw’s follow-up to the alternate history time travel thriller, Travelers of the Gray Dawn (2013), is a stand-alone prequel to the first title. The story unfolds in Princeton, New Jersey, as Henry Rollins, a prodigious young Ph.D. math professor and assistant to Albert Einstein, is caught up in the tumultuous exploits of World War II U.S. Naval top-secret experimentation. As Einstein’s miscalculations and a stowaway Nazi spy interfere, the young doctor is hurled headlong into a world he’s only heard rumor of – a parallel universe where the Confederate States of America is the governing body over a good deal of the former United States of America. Back home, Rollins’ wife Margaret is desperate to reunite with her missing husband and may just have a clue where he is. Filled with historical facts and alternate history imaginings, Rollins’ epic travels, hinted at in the first book, are explored in detail in this new prequel. Filled with never-before-imagined naval battles between German U-boats, U.S. Navy Destroyers, and Civil War ironclads, Rollins and a newfound travel companion do their best to each find his own path in the mayhem.

McAlister traces the history of North Island from times before European settlement to the first landing in America of French General Lafayette, to the building of South Carolina’s oldest operating lighthouse in 1812, to life in the rice planters’ summer colony at North Island’s Lafayette Village and its destruction by the hurricane of 1822, to the building of fortifications on North Island during the Civil War, to the wealthy owners who used North island for hunting and fishing and to its present protection as a wilderness habitat for wildlife and a major marine research facility. y the hurricane of 1822, to the building of fortifications on North Island during the Civil War, to the wealthy owners who used North Island for hunting and fishing and to its present protection as a wilderness habitat for wildlife and a major marine research facility. Many photographs in the book were taken by renown nature photographer, Phil Wilkinson. Poet Libby Bernardin contributed to the book. Robert McAlister’s previous books include The Lumber Boom of Coastal South Carolina, The Life and Times of Georgetown Sea Captain Asbram Jones Slocum, 1861-1914, Wooden Ships on Winyah Bay and Cruising Through Life.

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